Appealing a Psychological Disqualification

Have you received a notice of psychological disqualification for a law enforcement or other public safety position? Working with an independent evaluator is required to appeal the disqualification. This can be a confusing process for many candidates. The appeal evaluation is a highly specialized assessment. Blue Line Psychological Services, PLLC has the expertise and experience to help you navigate this process, and move on toward your career in public safety.

Dr. Coghlan has conducted hundreds of pre-employment psychological evaluations for a variety of agencies and positions in both New York and New Jersey, including NYPD Police Officers, Traffic Enforcement Agents, School Safety Agents, as well as NYC Health & Hospitals, MTA Police Officers, United Nations Police, and numerous municipal police agencies throughout New Jersey. While working for NYPD psychological services, Dr. Coghlan also conducted ‘tie-breaking’ appeal re-interviews; precisely the type of re-interview that is part of the appeal process.

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